About us

About Us

GMD Technologies is capable of overall project management and general contracting for the total scope of a facility’s integrated electrical and electronic systems.
We will work with you or your architect/engineer to design the entire integrated system including control centers, cabling networks, access control, surveillance, security, energy management, home and building automation systems .
We have extensive experience with retrofit projects. We have installed many new integrated systems, replacing older systems in stages, while maintaining populated site Our mission is to deliver high-quality and advanced technology integrated solutions that enable companies and individuals to meet their goals more effectively according to their budgets.
We maintain a standard of excellence through continuous training programs for our technicians and engineers with a mission to deliver cutting-edge technology industry, to meet consumer growing needs.
Considering just how protracted our experience in the industry is, we’re sure that there is not a single technology-related issue that we won’t be able to implement.

Edges We Have Over Competitors


The range of services that a company is able to offer is usually the most important edge over one’s competition. We deal with everything – from commercial and residential systems to industrial & solar!


Founded almost a decade ago and employing over a dozen of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians , our company trumps anyone else when it comes to hands-on, hard-earned prowess!


Unlike some of our direct competitors, we never make it unattainable for our customers. Our pricing policy has always been inclusive and affordable. Also, we have an extensive range of promo offers !





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